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The Colony Fund –

  • The founders of The Colony Fund are working to create a new, innovative, public investment fund to help build the commercial space infrastructure of the 21st century

Industry Development                                                             

Space Adventures –

  • Space Adventures, Ltd. is the only company in the world currently operating commercial orbital spaceflight and will be the first to launch clients using a new breed of lower cost suborbital spacecraft currently under development worldwide

Zero-G –

  • Zero-G offers commercial, Weightless Flights aboard a specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft
  • ZERO-G is the only company approved by the FAA to conduct Weightless Flights for the public

Engineering Consulting                                                             

Space Exploration Engineering –

  • A diverse and multidisciplined consulting group expereinced in space technology and projects.
  • They have a pretty good technology link list along the side of their site.

AI solutions –

  • Providing space mission planning, aerospace engineering, consulting, and IT services.
  • Mission plannign software for general industry use.

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