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Orbital Supplly                                                                          

Constelation Services International (CSI) –

  • Constellation Services International, Inc. (CSI) is an early stage orbital services company that is currently focused on cargo resupply to low Earth orbit (LEO) and satellite retrieval and repair
  • Focused on servicing current ISS needs, as well as future commercial space station needs

Lunar Transportation Systems (LTI) –

  • LTI is developing a lunar transport architecture between LOE and Lunar orbit
  • Private company encouraging cooperation with NASA to raise private capital for investment
  • Modular system architecture on all levels

Spacehab –

  • Houston based, comprising several divisions experienced in servicing both manned and unmanned space missions; space slight services, space operations, government and media services.
  • Developed and developing tools for living and working in space, including non-manned delivery and recovery modules compatible with any launch system.


  • Parachute recovery solutions for orbital and sub-orbital return vehicles.

Orbital Habitat (Station, Construction, EVA)                          

Bigelow Aerospace –

  • Our goal is to create a new cost paradigm for space station construction. We intend to so reduce costs of station habitable structure as to make the difference between space stations being only government available or having space stations affordable for general business ownership.
  • Developed a prototype inflatable space station ready for testing in orbit

See Volunteer Projects > Space Habitat > Mars Desert Research Station

See Universities > Columbia University > Biosphere 2

Rocketplane Limited inc –

  • Talking with these guys (I think) at a Space Frontiers Conference, I recall that they created an orbital extra-vehicular video inspection robot that has been flight tested. If you can confirm or deny this, please send an email.

Swales Aerospace –

  • Swales offers a large array of engineering and products for both manned and scientific space missions (an impressive range of non-glamerous products)
  • Povide Crew Aids and Tools for the ISS, and Hubble Support

Orbiting Habitat – Harry Wykes concept

  • A Widely Adaptable Habitat Construction System Utilizing Space Resources
    Paper presented at the NASA Vision 21 conference
  • A practical scheme for city-sized colonies in space that could free human life from dependence on a planetary surface.


Surry Satellite Technology LTD (SSTL) –

  • UK based company delivering nano to mini-satellites (1 Kg - 500 Kg)
  • SpaceX recently took a 10% ownership stake in the company (no partnership)

SpaceDev –

  • Delivering noan to mini satellites (50 Kg - 250 Kg)
  • Offer off-the-shelf satellite manuvering and orbital transfer propulsion system (MoTV) compatible with Shuttle safety and launch requirements


SpaceDev –

  • Developing asteroid and planetary mining technology and markets

Power Sources                                                                          

Solar Power – We'll need this for both Orbital and Planetary

  • Who's doing this?

  • Everything you could want to know about Nuclear Power as it relates to space. Science, Facts, Safety, Engineering, and everything else under the sun.
  • It's great listening to people who really know what they're talking about. Terry McNeeley and Bruce Behrnhorst: The Space Show - March 13, 2005

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