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Space Milestones  Space Events and Milestones

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There are particular milestones or goals that we are working toward accomplishing in space. This page is for collecting references to those focusing on making direct efforts toward these particular milestones.

Proving technology on Earth for use in Space:

  • Biosphere
  • Mars Habitat


  • Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan); Space Adventures (Paul Allen); Virgin
  • Galactic (Richard Branson)
  • SpaceDev – Dream Chaser
  • DaVinci Project / Golden Palace (Brian Feeney)
  • Armadillo Aerospace
  • XPrize Cup

Low Earth Orbit:

  • Bigelow Aerospace
  • International Space Station (ISS)
  • America’s Space Prize


  • European reconnaissance satellite


  • JPL – Mars Rovers (Spirit, Opportunity)
  • Mars Society

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